• 1500 (Landline) | 1503 (Mobile) | 1504 (Broadband)
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    The Less You Pay
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  • Enjoy Non Stop Talking
    With Plan 350 & Plan 500
    Plan 350- BSNL landline to BSNL Landline FREE all over India
    Plan 500- BSNL landline to BSNL Landline/BSNL Mobile FREE all over India
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    Unleash 3G speed to match your need
    Switch to BSNL's innovative 3G plans.
    Fast, affordable and seamlessly connected.
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  • Non stop entertainment
    Use BSNL Live APN
    For more info visit www.bsnllive.info or send SMS <MAKE> space <MODEL> of handset to 58355
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  • Unlimited Happiness
    Explore Our Value Added Services
    Now watch News, Videos, Download music and Apps, purchase games,
    chat with friends... do it all instantly!
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